About the Site



BleedingBonkers.com was originally set up as a personal positive coping mechanism in fighting against my own Mental Illness, where daily hurdles were documented, taboo subjects were candidly discussed and it became a place where my circumstances (often caused by my mental health problems) could be vented.

As more and more people got in touch regarding their own struggles and mental health issues, BleedingBonkers.com branched out into more opinion posts, advice and awareness.

The purpose of this site is to show the world, it’s okay to talk openly about Mental Health and for anyone struggling, no matter what age, gender, race, class, religious views, nationality or sexuality that they are not alone.

The site is inclusive of all Mental Health Illnesses and Issues and I often like to remind people it’s not all about Depression and Anxiety, just in the same way Physical Illness is not all about Flu and Broken Bones.

I have a little dream that in my life-time Mental Health and Illness will be understood and appreciated in the same way Physical Health and Illness is.