Sectioned Stories


So, it’s happened to some of you and some others just want to know what it’s like! The rest of this page is dedicated to one of the times I spent Sectioned Under the Mental Health Act, February 2018. Everything in the below links was written while I was in there. Excuse the cringey-ness. I’m not always well!


A Guide to my Section

How not to be a C**T

Mental Health Hospital Friendships

Day One 

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Four Pt 2

Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven

Day Eight

Day Eight Pt 2

Day Nine

Day Ten

Day Eleven

Day Twelve

Day Thirteen

Day Fourteen

Day Fifteen

Day Sixteen

Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen Pt 2

Day Eighteen

Day Nineteen

Day Twenty

Day Twenty Pt 2

Day Twenty-One

Day Twenty-Two

Day Twenty-Two Pt 2

Day Twenty-Three

Day Twenty-Four

Day Twenty-Five

Day Twenty-Six

Day Twenty-Seven

Day Twenty-Eight

Day Twenty-Eight Pt 2

Day Twenty-Nine